Common misconceptions about heart health

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Common misconceptions about heart health
2.09.2021 Source

All over the world, heart diseases are now squeezing the door of everyone from 7 to 70. Many factors, from unhealthy diet to inactivity, from smoking to stress, play an important role in the increase of the disease. Although information and awareness activities about heart diseases continue at full speed, unscientific claims spread in the society put the lives of heart patients at risk. Cardiology Specialist Prof.Dr. Ramazan Özdemir evaluated the well-known misconceptions about heart health, which we often come across on social media.

Especially the problem of childhood obesity has become a global epidemic in a short time. It is estimated that one in 10 children is overweight. Obesity; high cholesterol, which causes cardiovascular disease, can cause hypertension, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Early-stage cardiovascular diseases, youth; If left uncontrolled in adults, it can cause serious health problems in the future. In addition, heart diseases in young people can be caused by undiagnosed and untreated congenital heart diseases.

Heart diseases can occur at any age, including heart attack. The accumulation of cholesterol plaques in the vessel wall, called atherosclerosis, starts from childhood; but this situation has worsened with the increase in childhood obesity rate.

The symptoms and signs of heart disease in children and adolescents may not be so obvious. Unlike adult cases, chest pain is rarely a sign of heart disease in children. However, if chest pain occurs with strenuous activities such as exercise, a physician should be consulted.