Which triggers a heart attack more? Hamburger or stress?

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Which triggers a heart attack more? Hamburger or stress?
6.11.2021 Source

The risk of sudden death due to heart disease is 46 percent higher in people who eat fast food. can enter. According to experts, stress can cause diseases in the veins like hamburger. For this reason, although it is necessary, it is of great importance that the amount of stress remains at a certain level. News by Demet Demirkır from Habertürk

One of the most important causes of deaths occurring all over the world is cardiovascular diseases. According to experts, surgery and medicine; Despite all the improvements in treatment, this rate of decrease cannot be realized sufficiently. There can be many causes of a heart attack. Although the biggest factor in heart attack is genetic, stress, fast food diet and sedentary lifestyle are also among the factors that trigger a heart attack.


Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Erdem Karaçöp said, "There are 312.89 calories in 1 portion of hamburger. This energy is provided with 37.78 g of carbohydrates, 52.73 mg of cholesterol, 11.62 g of fat and 13.34 g of protein. In addition, it contains 255.2 mg of sodium.< /p>

Burgers, french fries, pizzas, and many other convenience foods contain high amounts of saturated fat and salt. High salt content predisposes to hypertension. Saturated fats, on the other hand, may accumulate in the main arteries over time and cause blockages. Atherosclerosis is the biggest factor causing heart attack and stroke. In addition, the hamburger is a calorie bomb. This type of food also causes the development of diabetes and obesity.

Documentation. Dr. Black pepper means that the hamburger is basically made of bread and meatballs, but the meat has a longer lifespan. He said that it contains many additives and preservatives in order to be


Documentation. Dr. Karacadil continued his words as follows: "Although the additives in the meat protect the meat, they cause some harm to the human body. The hamburger is on the menu. French fries and onion rings contain similar preservatives. A study of 21,000 people in the United States examined their eating habits. In the 10-year study, participants were regularly screened every six months. The risk of sudden death due to heart disease was found to be 46 percent higher in individuals who ate mostly fast food.

In the same study, 'Mediterranean style'; It has been shown that the risk of dying from a sudden health problem such as a heart attack is 24 percent less in individuals with nutritional habits. In another study, development of diabetes and an increase in death due to coronary heart disease were found in people of eastern origin who ate western-style fast food. In a study conducted in Australia in 2019, an increase in the frequency of heart attacks was observed in regions where fast food restaurants are concentrated."

Documentation. Dr. Kara said that the fast food chains 'Heart Stoppers' in Florida, USA and 'Heart Attack' in Arizona have accepted the negative effect of hamburger on heart health and turned it into advertisements. he said.

FULLY ABOUT HAMBURGER &CEDIL; Emphasizing how often the hamburger is consumed and the content of the hamburger, the points to be considered when examining the relationship between a hamburger and a heart attack are Doctédil; Dr. Karaçp said, "For example, the harmful effects of hamburger on heart health in an individual who has been consuming fast food regularly for 40 years are unavoidable. The absolute thing about hamburgers is to avoid consuming grapes completely" he said.

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Asım Enhoş, a faculty member, said that the most important risk factor in heart diseases is genetics. Dr. Enhoş said, "It has long been proven that lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, stress and sleep patterns, as well as genetic factors play a role in cardiovascular health.we know. It has been scientifically clearly defined that these factors contribute to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which we call lubrication in the veins. Atherosclerosis constitutes the basic mechanism of cardiovascular diseases. In our increasingly metropolitan lives, factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, increased consumption of fast food and stress put us at risk for cardiovascular diseases insidiously and rapidly. In the previous years, scientific articles were discussed and the underlying mechanisms were clearly revealed. However, the relationship of stress, which is much more common and has become a part of our lives and is very difficult to cope with, is not clearly known. This uncertainty has attracted the attention of many scientists and has led to experimental research on the relationship between stress and cardiovascular diseases."

Dr. Faculty Member Asım Enhoş continued his words as follows: "In an experimental study published in an international article in 2020, decreased intestinal blood flow in rats under psychological stress, vascular Constriction in their diameters and increased amount of degradation enzymes in the blood were observed. Microcirculatory dysfunction and increased infarction size were clearly shown in the two groups that had heart attack, in addition to those who were exposed to psychological stress at the same time."


Drawing attention to another study published in the European Heart Journal in 2021, Dr. Enhoş said, "The effect of acute stress on cardiovascular death has been investigated. This study is about cardiovascular disease that occurred after an earthquake in Los Angeles and after a football match in Germany. It has been designed to explain the mechanism of the death rate compared to other days. It has been suggested that it causes an inflammation on atherosclerotic plaques, and that various substances released from the vessel wall accelerate this process and cause vascular occlusion. It has been shown that these diseases can cause diseases.

The human body can get stressed in our business life, at home, in traffic, even in a competition that we want to watch with pleasure. Although stress is a necessary mechanism for people to survive, it is very important that its amount remains at a certain level."


Stating that stress causes diseases in the veins through various mechanisms, similar to the effect of fast food consumption such as hamburger on cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Enhoş said, "Studies have also explained the acute and chronic effects of stress on cardiovascular diseases and showed that it is at least as harmful as fast food. It can be said that the methods of coping with stress are more important than we thought in the prevention of diseases."

Specialist Psychologist Emrah Polat, who said that stress is inevitable in human life, said, "We encounter stress almost every day; traffic is jammed and we may have to get to work. Our manager can give us a new task at the last moment and give us strength; There is a little time for revi to catch up, we may argue with our romantic partner and think that we are not expressing ourselves well enough.Stress can be caused by reasons that we can easily encounter in our daily life.Besides this, traumatic experiences "We are also stressed by unpredictable events, uncertainty, situations that challenge our potential, and internal conflicts. In short, we face stress when our methods of coping with a particular event are inadequate."


Psychologist Polat, "According to research, stress affects us physically as well as psychologically.

A stressed person's body reacts to stress. These reactions are psychological, physiological and behavioral. ÖFor example; almost all of us are young; y